Othello (2002): Southwark Playhouse, London

PrOthello (

Live Performance


"[Spencer Hilton's] uncomplicated, orthodox Othello is well-paced, well-spoken and ultimately engaging. The set, it must be said, seems strange at first - all artificial stone walls, with more tumbling fake greenery than a cheap trattoria. The costumes are a familiar 1940s blend of uniform, linen suit and pinstripe. Leo Wringer as the Moor is noble and sonorous, delighting in his early, pomp-filled speeches. If you can forgive a tendency to triple-deliver some lines with eyes, mouth and hands, it's a solid performance. It is, however and naturally, Christopher Hunter's Iago that really drives the production. Variously stern-eyed, humble and jocular in his manipulation of poor Roderigo and Othello, he is so open and, yes, honest in his speeches to the audience that it's hard not to be won over....The production as a whole makes the most of its studio space to foreground Shakespeare's poetry. Indeed, this is 'traditional' Shakespeare and a fine companion to the nearby Globe."  ~ Jonathan Gibbs, Time Out, 19 June 2002, in Theatre Record XXII, Issue 12.

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