Othello (1995): Watermill Theatre, Newbury

PrOthello (

Live Performance

PRINCIPAL CAST: Neil Caple (Iago); Flaminia Cinque (Emilia); Vincent Leigh (Cassio); Jackie Morrison (Desdemona); Leo Wringer (Othello).

This production ran from 10 October - 4 November 1995 at the Watermill Theatre and played in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan from 3 - 15 December 1995.

"Georgia Sion's design initially hints at an arresting view of the play A shimmering blue cloth hangs down across the rear of the stage and curves forward like a ship's sail; but the curve is soon rolled out of the way and the cloth replaced by pale, almost transparent blinds. These are put to good use when Iago stages the misleading scenes with Cassio to arouse the stupid Moor's jealousy, placing the two men on opposite sides of the screen and himself moving between them. But the costumes are nothing special and the pinstripe jacket worn with tropical linen trouserslook awful....Watching Leo Wringer's Othello I found myself thinking how lucky this Moor must have been as a military commander to have come up against no enemy who practised deceitful tactics, and thus leave him so incapable of detecting treachery closer at hand. But although Desdemona's betrayal of her father is held against her, Othello has been a party to it, and thus his ready belief in her adultery may be his own guilt. Wringer gives the verse attractive rhythms, notably in the last act, and his rages ring true. On the other hand, Neil Caple's Iago is vocally uninteresting and misses numerous opportunities (when other characters' backs are turned) to indicate what is going on in his mind....Most of the other actors are stiff waxworks, although not the Ludovico of Guy Williams, who intelligently links gesture to speech."  ~ Jeremy Kingston, "Lost on the Moor", The Times, 12 October 1995

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