Othello (1985): Mercury Theatre, Colchester, Mercury Studio Theatre

PrOthello (

Location: Mercury Studio Theatre
Live Performance

PRINCIPAL CAST: Di Botcher (Emilia); Edita Brychta (Desdemona); Jeffery Kissoon (Othello); Kevin Wallace (Iago).

This production ran from 20 - 30 March 1985. It was clearly a small scale version with a streamlined cast considering Di Botcher played Emilia, the Duchess of Venice and Bianca; other cast members also doubled at least two parts. It is unclear whether this was a touring production that played at Colchester or whether it was a studio production by the Mercury Theatre although the A4 programme does not list any other production company's details.

Jeremy Howe is listed under the credits as "Production" which is assumed here to mean the overall equivalent of a director.

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