Othello (1985): Chester Gateway

PrOthello (

Live Performance

CAST INCLUDES: Keith Drinkel (Iago); Nina Holloway (Emilia); Diana Katis (Desdemona); Colin McFarlane (Othello).

Information about this production has been taken from reviews; further verification of dates and full casting can hopefully be verified in the future.

"Philip Patridge has mounted a refreshingly simple, stylish and moving production of Othello at the Gateway Theatre. There is a cheery lack of modern gimmickry - not a punk rocker, pizza parlour or Rastafarian lock in sight. This is a rather bright decision, as the play of the noble Moor's downfall is one of Shakespeare's more accesible tragedies for a contemporary audience being an almost domestic tale of crime passionel. The swarthy superman of mystical glamour, you may remember, embarked on a star-crossed and ill-advised mixed marriage to come right royally unstuck via the diabolic offices of his not so best friend, Iago....Mr. Partridge and his company seize on the tight spiral implied in this and play it at whirlwind pace. There are powerful scenes between Keith Drinkel's Iago and Colin McFarlane's Othello. Mr. Drinkel gives us the craven fawn one minute, the glossy ferret the next, a political and poisoned intellect coated with sardonic charm. He pulls the puppet strings of Mr. McFarlane's Othello, a large innocent bear, a noble savage who seems to draw on the arts of tribal witchcraft when the civilised world becomes too hard to bear." ~ Carol Wilks, "Chester: Othello", The Guardian, 12 November 1985

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