Othello (1943): Shakespeare Memorial Theatre

PrOthello (

Live Performance

PRINCIPAL CAST: Baliol Holloway (Othello); Anna Konstam (Desdemona); Abraham Sofaer (Iago).

"Mr. Baliol Holloway's Moor remains in the middle distance. It is hardly enough to be sonorour and direct: one misses the surge and swell of the Othello music. Mr. Abraham Sofaer's Iago is beautifully spoken, but this demi-devil of the Renaissance, his mind as swift to villainy as his hand to the sword-hilt, could hardly have been mistaken for Othello's 'man...of honesty and trust.' It would be happier, perhaps, if the parts were exchanged." ~ J. C. Trewin, Observer, 25 April 1943

"Abraham Sofaer does most to lift this Othello into a consistency. His Iago is insinuating, vain, evil in intent and active in mind. It is never slimy, because Mr. Sofaer moves too fast and adroitly for that; and it has constant development that is psychologically acceptable. Some extreme rapidity of speech at times reduces our full appreciation; but it is, nevertheless, a notable study." ~ John Bourne, "Salute to the Fourth War Time Festival", unattributed and undated press cutting in the Shakespeare Centre Library and Archive, Stratford-upon-Avon, circa 23 April 1943

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