Much Ado About Nothing (2022): Ramps on the Moon

PrMuch Ado About Nothing (

Live Performance

CAST INCLUDED: Daneka Etchells (Beatrice); Karina Jones (Antonia); Gerard McDermott (Leonato); Taku Mutero (Claudio); Fatima Niemogha (Don Joanna); Caroline Parker (Dogberry); Dan Parr (Don Pedro); Guy Rhys (Benedick); Claire Wetherall (Hero).*

*Characters are listed here as they were named in the production, but original names and genders are kept below for the production of casting statistics in this database.

This production ran from 9 September - 12 November 2022 and played in Sheffield, Leeds, Birmingham, Nottingham, Ipswich, Stratford East and Salisbury on tour.


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