Much Ado About Nothing (2007): Shakespeare at the Tobacco Factory, Bristol, The Tobacco Factory

PrMuch Ado About Nothing (

Location: The Tobacco Factory
Live Performance

PRINCIPAL CAST: Lucy Black (Beatrice); Philip Buck (Don Pedro); Paul Currier (Don John); Siobhan McMillan (Hero); Oliver le Sueur (Claudio); Jay Villiers (Benedick); Bill Wallis (Dogberry); John Walters (Leonato).

This production ran from 22 March - 28 April 2007.

"Hot on the heels of the RSC's hugely enjoyable Much Ado set in 1950s Cuba comes another really cracking production, this time transposed to 1930s Sicily. Director Andrew Hilton is Shakespeare's plainest cook, but he allows himself and his cast plenty of fun, as well as more scenery than usual - a few tables, chairs and Chinese lanterns. Dance, both as courtship rite and symbol of sexy abandon, is the central metaphor in a production that plays out Shakespeare's battle of the sexes as a dance in which love, loss, and love regained and love recognised are marked out with a mixture of quiet formality and giddiness."  ~ Lyn Gardner, Guardian, 29 March 2007, in Theatre Record 2007, Issue 6

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