Much Ado About Nothing (1968): Royal Shakespeare Company, Royal Shakespeare Theatre

PrMuch Ado About Nothing (

Live Performance

PRINCIPAL CAST: Terrence Hardiman (Don John); Alan Howard (Benedick); Bernard Lloyd (Claudio); Helen Mirren (Hero); Norman Rodway (Don Pedro); Sebastian Shaw (Leonato); Janet Suzman (Beatrice); David Waller (Dogberry).

Press night for this production took place on 14 October 1968.

"...the whole thing looks sumptuous in Christopher Morley's costumes even though - or perhaps because - it all appears to take place in a glass-roofed basement rather than in the vivid streets of Messina. In short, a cheerful rather than inspiring production, with a number of good things and strong on spectacle and horseplay, but without the dancing intelligence of Shakespeare's conception."  ~ John Barber, "Homely English Style in Nunn's Much Ado", Daily Telegraph, 16 October 1968

"Christopher Morley has set the play in a place which reminds one of a huge, sombrely-lit vault. Shafts of light filter through a translucent roof from the sunlit world outside, and once or twice I half expected to see the feet of common mortals passing to and fro overheard."  ~ Sheila Bannock, "Much Ado in a set like a huge vault: The mood is darker", Stratford-upon-Avon Herald, 18 October 1968

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