The Merchant of Venice (1994): Breach of the Piece, Bridewell Theatre, London

PrThe Merchant of Venice (

Location: Bridewell Theatre, London
Live Performance

CAST INCLUDED: Rosalind Moore (Portia); Clive Paget (Shylock)

This production ran at the Bridewell Theatre from 17 January - 5 February 1994. It played in repertory with Julius Caesar, although not all the cast was employed in Caesar including Dietrich Nanton. Incomplete casting information taken from the reviews; no programme has been found as yet.

"The miracle of this Victorian swimming bath and new Fringe venue is how elegantly it has been transformed into a flexible working theatre. Less impressive is the way Breach of the Piece have christened the space with their lacklustre production of Shakespeare's melodrama of the moneylending Jew who insists on his pound of flesh...Like David Thacker's illustrious production which winds up at the RST in Stratford this week, director Carol Metcalfe sets the play in the brokering world of the uneasy '90s. But despite the loud invective and sweaty emotions, the production doesn't reveal much innovation beyond the sharp suits both City players and bankers adopt."  ~ James Christopher, Time Out, 26 January 1994

"Metcalfe's staging follows the same logic as David Thacker's excellent RSC production by locating the play's mercantile melee among the sharp suits and mobile phones of the Thatcherite 80s, but there the resemblance ends."  ~ Nick Curtis, "Drowning in the shallows", Evening Standard, 19 January 1994

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