The Merchant of Venice (1986): Royal Shakespeare Company, RSC/Nat West Tour

PrThe Merchant of Venice (

Location: RSC/Nat West Tour
Live Performance

PRINCIPAL CAST: Simon Dutton (Nerissa); Fiona Shaw (Portia); Nigel Terry (Shylock); Paul Webster (Antonio).

This production toured nationally from October 1986 - February 1987.

" acute, sombre and witty account of a much more interesting play which even finds something for 'The Salads' to do. Salerio and Solanio become Cheeryblesque merchant-bankers never out of their wing-collars or frock-coats (Di Seymour sets The Merchant around 1840...[Nigel] Terry is an exceptionally fine Shylock - noble, unsleeping, beyond recrimination or forgiveness - and [Fiona] Shaw's commanding Portia deserves to be seen in due course at Stratford in the main house."  ~ Michael Ratcliffe, "Shakespeare on the road", Observer, 28 December 1986

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