The Merchant of Venice (1980): Theatre About Glasgow, Citizens Theatre, Glasgow

PrThe Merchant of Venice (

Location: Citizens Theatre, Glasgow
Live Performance

PRINCIPAL CAST: Lance Forrest-Holmes (Antonio);  Jason Rose (Shylock); Patricia Ross (Portia).


This production was played by a company of six actors.


"This week the Citizens Theatre is housing a stripped down and somewhat abbreviated version of The Merchant of Venice by its young subsidiary company Theatre About Glasgow (TAG)....But the real nugget of gold in this production is its Shylock, played by Jason Rose, who is black (he doubles cleverly as Old Gobbo and as Portia's silent major domo) and capable of expressing great sadness, dignity and daunting intensity of rage. His performance more than counterbalances such miscalculation as the over doing of the 'coon-style' mockery in which Basanio and the buffoonish Graciano (Martin Muchan and Phil Smeeton) indulge."

~ Cordelia Oliver, The Merchant of Venice, 25 September 1980

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