Measure for Measure (2008): Reckless Endeavour, New Players Theatre (now Charing Cross Theatre)

PrMeasure for Measure (

Location: New Players Theatre (now Charing Cross Theatre)
Live Performance

CAST INCLUDED: Ranjit Krishnamma (Angelo); Robin Samson (Duke); Chloe Welsh (Isabella). Information taken from Theatre Record; may be incomplete.

This production ran from 23 January - 16 February 2008, according to Theatre Record.

"It's 2038 and a new religion - 'an amalgam of fundamentalist faiths' - is at the helm in the Kingdom of Austria. The premise doesn't quite fit with Shakespeare's plot, but never mind, that's the idea behind Reckless Endeavour's staging of Measure for Measure anyway. The actors mysteriously flourish candles at beginning and end, and puritanical Angelo (Ranjit Krishnamma) wears an Oriental-style headdress and flowing red robes: not that that really sets him apart from his fellow Austrians, since they too are kitted out in vaguely retro-futurist get-ups. The actors perform on a mostly naked stage scattered with a few boxes and draped with yellowish curtains. Despite the overarching 'new fundamentalist' concept, Niki Flacks' abbreviated production is likewise largely denuded of ideas. There's a general air of perfunctoriness about the proceedings which strips the drama of its special character....Director Flacks' 'process' is said to give performers 'unrivalled access to raw primary emotion' - in the case of Chloe Welsh's excessively tearful Isabella, the method may have been too successful: she would benefit from a little more firmness of character."  ~ Robert Shore, Time Out London, 6 February 2008, in Theatre Record 2008, Issue 3

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