Measure for Measure (2001): Catdoghorse Theatre, Baron's Court Theatre

PrMeasure for Measure (

Location: Baron's Court Theatre
Live Performance

This production ran from 6 - 25 March 2001, according to its advertising leaflet. No programme has been located.

Des Yankson's Spotlight profile has the production company listed as British Touring Theatre, but in Theatre Record it is Catdoghorse Theatre; the latter has been chosen for listing here as it is more likely to come from the theatre company at the time of production.

"Shakespeare probes notions of guilt and innocence in every corner of this relentlessly enthralling play. But you'd be hard pressed to notice the fat in Catdog Theatre Company's production. Director Tom Mallaburn has a valiant stab at making it relevent, but, with a combination of poor staging and passionless, explicative acting, the character's quandries are rarely involving and only fleetingly interesting."  ~ Lucy Powell, Time Out, 14 March 2001, in Theatre Record 2001, Issue 5.

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