Measure for Measure (1992): Contact Theatre, Manchester

PrMeasure for Measure (

Live Performance

PRINCIPAL CAST: Simeon Andrews (Angelo); Paul Brightwell (Duke); Katharine Rogers (Isabella).

This production took place in April - May 1992. The exact dates are unknown, but the production closed on 9 May 1992, according to information in the V&A Performance Archive.

"Unusually for this theatre, Brigid Larmour's new production of Measure for Measure has a cool, even distant aspect. The programme notes point us to the Puritan controversies of Shakespeare's day and the action is played across a black, shallow stage, pushed as far as possible from the audience. The aim is presumably to engage our thoughtful rather than involved attention, and this is enhanced by clear delivery that suggests a lot of careful textual work. The austerity, however, does not convey the colour and sweat of the play's licentious lowlife. This lacks invention and energy, and only Christopher Penney's cameo Froth outlines a clear character. The great scenes of moral conflict are better served. The breadth of the stage is used to emphasise the distance and the collision between Simeon Andrews' Angelo and Katharine Rodgers' [sic] passionate Isabella. The management of the difficult last scene is especially good. Here the tension in the long pause before Isabella forgives Angelo makes this  moment the moral centre of the play."  ~ Jeffrey Wainwright, Independent, 22 April 1992

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