Measure for Measure (1985): Young Vic Theatre

PrMeasure for Measure (

Live Performance

PRINCIPAL CAST: Janet Crawford (Mistress Overdone); Rob Edwards (Lucio); Joanna Foster (Isabella); John Gillett (Angelo); Peter Guinness (Duke).

This production ran from 9 May - 8 June 1985.

"Having evolved through other twentieth century settings on other stages, Shakespeare's Vienna comes fully up to date in David Thacker's production. The city is now run from a boardroom, with a chubby middle-aged secretary replacing the retinue of attendants; and when the Duke takes his sabbatical his place is filled by a tight-mouthed managerial underling who embarks on the moral crusade in a spirit of mercantile thrift." ~ Irving Wardle, "Modern Vienna", The Times, 16 May 1985

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