Macbeth (2014): Chester Performs, Grosvenor Park Open Air

PrMacbeth (

Location: Grosvenor Park Open Air
Live Performance

PRINCIPAL CAST: Hannah Barrie (Lady Macbeth); Peter F. Gardiner (Duncan); Mark Healy (Macbeth); Richard Pryal (Banquo); Thomas Richardson (Macduff).

This production ran from 4 July - 23 August 2014, according to Theatre Record.

"Shakespearean tragedy is a relatively new addition to the Grosvenor Park repertoire; and though it's good to see the company broadening its range, the blood-curdling battle the production opens with seems a little at odds with the deckchairs and picnic blankets spread out in the arena. The incongruity is underscored when first witch (Danielle Bird) displays a slip fielder's reflexes to pluck a stray champagne cork from the air. Alex Clifton's production is notably concise thanks to some uncompromising restructuring of the text. The opening sequence has been altered to enable witches to rise from a pile of corpses, though the most radical decision has been to sack the porter."  ~ Alfred Hickling, The Guardian, 30 July 2014, in Theatre Record 2014, Issue 15

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