Macbeth (2012): Crucible Theatre, Sheffield

PrMacbeth (

Live Performance

PRINCIPAL CAST: Clauie Blakley (Lady Macbeth); John Dougall (Macduff); Geoffrey Streatfeild (Macbeth).

This production ran from 10 September - 6 October 2012.

"Much of the magic emanated from director Daniel Evans's decision to stage the play in the round and Richard Kent's minimally naturalistic set design which focused the action on a central point allowing the violent exertions of the protagonists to wheel around the bullseye with pace and precision. It was from here that - without giving too much away - the ghost of Banquo erupts in bloody horror disturbing the lavish feast of the troubled usurpers with ghoulish splendour. The centre spot also doubles as a brilliant cauldron in which the declining Macbeth glimpses his unwelcome future after the witches have charged its bubbling potion with a procession of eagerly-glimpsed ingredients."  ~ Jonathan Brown, Independent, 11 September 2012, in Theatre Record 2012, Issue 19

"With few exceptions, the cast speak Shakespeare's verse intelligbly and well. Andrew Jarvis invests the ageing Duncan with plausible intimations of past power, while Ashley Zhangazha as Ross and John Dougall as Macduff both give persuasive performances."  ~ Jane Shilling, "A tragedy with too few shades of black", Daily Telegraph, 12 September 2012

"A stone circle; shades of moss green, earth and black, splashed with livid red; the screech of night-flying creatures, the ominous rumble of thunder. Daniel Evans's production of the gore-drenched Scottish play is a murky, medieval vision of pagan superstition and power-hungry appetite. Performed in the round and designed by Richard Kent, it conjures a ring of hell, evoking psychological entrapment and an unending cycle of violence."  ~ Sam Marlowe, The Times, 12 September 2012

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