Macbeth (2002): Arcola Theatre, London

PrMacbeth (

Live Performance

This production ran from 2 May - 1 June 2002.

"Directors Jack Shepherd and Mehmet Ergen have converted the Arcola into a carefully nuanced chamber of horrors, where the cavernous design, dramatically varied lighting and rumbling soundtrack all provide a fertile backdrop for the nightmares - real and imagined - that erupt from Macbeth's 'heat-oppressed brain'....There are some flaws to the evening, and these emerge in several disappointingly weak performances from the supporting cast. As Malcolm especially, Matthew Coombes shows little spark for a man who is rallying English troops to seize his crown from a traitor. But for sheer ice-down-the-spine atmosphere, this production of Macbeth is a must."  ~ Rachel Halliburton, "Something wicked this way comes...", Evening Standard, 9 May 2002.

"...Jonathan Moore and Clarence Smith deliver unimpeachable performances as the vanquished Banquo and exiled Macduff."  ~ Lucy Powell, Time Out, 8 May 2002, in Theatre Record XXII, Issue 9.

"The Arcola in east London has been firing on all cylinders, but it shudders to a halt with this production, which only serves to remind that badly produced Shakespeare is not only just tedious but torture....the evening begins impressively with three particularly Weird Sisters emerging from the audience. After that, however, it is downhill to Dunsinane, with no one in any particular hurry to get on with meanders on for close to three hours, almost devoid of narrative tension and urgency....[Amanda Boxer's Lady Macbeth] is a competent performance, as are Jonathan Moore's Banquo and Clarence Smith's Macduff. Competent, but no more."  ~ Lyn Gardner, Guardian, 4 May 2002, in Theatre Record XXII, Issue 9.


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