Macbeth (2000): Battersea Arts Centre (BAC)

PrMacbeth (

Live Performance

PRINCIPAL CAST: Julian Forsyth (Banquo); Amanda Harris (Lady Macbeth, Witch); Shaun Prendergast (Macduff); Corin Redgrave (Macbeth).

This production ran from 24 March - 16 April 2000.

"This looked terrific on paper. The Macbeths are played by Corin Redgrave, at best a hypnotically powerful actor who can bring a real sense of danger to the stage, and Amanda Harris, an exceptionally intelligent and charismatic actress who ought to be a star by now....But the curse of Macbeth has struck again. This is a dismal staging of a play that usually works well in such small places. It sank with almost all hands, to pitiless giggles from a restless audience of bolshie schoolchildren who were far more frightening than anything in the production itself. It's only fair to say that I attended (with permission) the final preview and Morris stresses in the programme that the BAC is desperately short of cash. So we must forgive the numerically impoverished battle scenes and a design that consists of little more than a bell, a stepladder and a gas-effect log fire....Many of the supporting cast seem to have a bet on who can deliver the verse worst, and just in case there is any danger of clarity breaking out, an infuriating cellist is on stage throughout....The witches look like members of a feminist collective's dance workshop, prancing tirelessly and meaninglessly around the stage."  ~ Charles Spencer, "Double, double, not worth the trouble", Daily Telegraph, 30 March 2000

"The strengths of Morris's production lies in its intimacy - Ti Green's design is basically a bloodstained, double-doored back wall lit by a flickering grate - and in the central casting."  ~ Michael Billington, "Intimate but unbalanced", Guardian, 30 March 2000

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