Macbeth (1996): National Theatre, National Theatre Studio

PrMacbeth (

Location: National Theatre Studio
Live Performance
Television and Radio Drama

CAST INCLUDED: Anna Pons Carrera; Christopher Eccleston; Michael Feast; Julie Graham; Ming Yam Low; Karima Mansour; Davide Terlingo; Harriet Walter; Chris Wells.

This was a NT Studio workshop of Macbeth, lasting approximately two hours and performed for an invited audience on 21 October 1996. The notes regarding this workshop explain that it explores Shakespeare's play with actors and uses contemporary dance in combination with a shortened version of the original text. The script also begins with a passage from Jarry's Ubu Roi. Unfortunately, there is no record of the parts the cast played, but it appears that the BAME performers were all part of the contemporary dance company while none of the actors speaking Shakespeare's text were BAME talent.

This workshop seems to have had an afterlife in the form of a documentary titled Macbeth Taped (1997), which is listed on the BFI catalogue.


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