Macbeth (1995): Octagon Theatre, Bolton

PrMacbeth (

Live Performance

PRINCIPAL CAST: Fidel Nanton (Macduff); Lucy Robinson (Lady Macbeth); Gary Webster (Macbeth).

This production ran from 23 February - 18 March 1995.

"[Director Lawrence Till]'s taken a brave - some might say foolhardy decision - to sacrifice much of the poetry of the play to gadgetry such as the girders and grating and fork-lift truck which form part of Richard Foxton's warehouse set....The result is a vigorous production set in 1960s gangland Manchester with Gary Webster's Macbeth showing more than a passing resemblance to the infamous Kray twins and the lords (who also double as the witches) in sharp suits....There's a fine performance too from Fidel Nanton as Macduff. His fight scene with Macbeth, orchestrated by Renny Rupinksi, is terrific. Some of the audience nearest the action were flinching, as well they might with no quarter being given as iron bars were wielded with abandon....It's exhilarating, if confusing theatre. This production is being compared with Reservoir Dogs, a film some theatregoers may not have seen."  ~ Doreen Crowther, Bolton Evening News, 17 February 1995

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