Macbeth (1992): English Shakespeare Company

PrMacbeth (

Live Performance

PRINCIPAL CAST: Alan Cody (Macduff); Colin Farrell (Banquo); Michael Pennington (Macbeth); Jenny Quayle (Lady Macbeth); Derek Smith (Duncan).

This production was first performed at the Warwick Arts Centre in February 1992. It toured subsequently before being re-cast for a run at the Royalty Theatre, London from 24 November - 12 December 1992 playing in repertory with The Tempest.

Dave Fishley and Julie Saunders appeared in the second cast of the production.

"Is that big bent structure at the back of the stage a Patriot missile launcher, ready to intercept any Scuds aimed at Scotland by that rogue nation, Norway? Since this Macbeth is directed by Michael Bogdanov, and performed by the English Shakespeare Company, that seems a fair assumption. Certainly, the flashes, crackles and booms coming from the wings have not been produced by the clashing broadswords that weirdly materialise in Act V. The tattered witches scavenging in the debris of the battlefield seem familiar, too. They would not look out of place among the bagwomen in Edinburgh's Grassmarket in the wintry 1990s."  ~ Benedict Nightingale, "Essentially in the right spirit", The Times, 20 April 1992

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