Macbeth (1991): The Nottingham Playhouse

PrMacbeth (

Live Performance

PRINCIPAL CAST: Jim Findley (Banquo); Kate Fitzgerald (Lady Macbeth); John McGlynn (Macbeth); Simon Roberts (Macduff).

This production ran from 26 September - 23 November 1991. It was cross-cast with productions of Chekov's The Cherry Orchard and Feydeau's A Flea in Her Ear.


"Something's wrong. These folk out of the Wild West are speaking blank verse....There's a lot of loud fighting and a man in a bowler hat with a noose in his hand. Three strange women speak some rhymes into the wings....In Pip Broughton's [production] the denim-clad protagonist (harmonica wailing in the background) sees the invisible dagger in a brazier. He's a hard-drinkin' thane and a downright cussed king....The brightness of the production, the sense of head and the languor, even boredom, of the delivery, in which the speeches seem to be deliberately divided from one another by pauses - all these effects are breathtakingly bold and pointless."

~ Michael Schmidt, "Is this a six-gun I see before me?", Weekend Telegraph, 5 October 1991

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