Macbeth (1987): Cheek By Jowl

PrMacbeth (

Live Performance

PRINCIPAL CAST: Keith Bartlett (Macbeth); Des McAleer (Duncan/Macduff); Raymond Sawyer (Banquo); Leslee Udwin (Lady Macbeth); Timothy Walker (Malcolm).

This production toured nationally and internationally, beginning at York Theatre Royal in September 1987.

"The company (of whom eight are newly recruited) works determinedly as ever to break down the barriers between audience and Shakespeare with new interpretations of the characters. Duncan, King of Scotland, played by Des McAleer, is blind, literally as well as metaphorically. He learns identity through touch, once addressing a courtier as Lady Macbeth and finding his error through an arrested embrace. It is an interesting conceit but rather hampers proceedings by causing sudden, deliberate tableaux which jar unnaturally with the attempted psychological realism elsewhere." ~ Stella Flint, "Cheek By Jowl with Macbeth", Daily Telegraph, 10 September 1987.

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