Love's Labour's Lost (2012): Northern Broadsides

PrLove's Labour's Lost (

Live Performance

CAST INCLUDED: Matt Connor (Berowne); Owen Findlay (Navarre); Adam Fogarty (Costard); Sophia Hatfield (Princess of France); Catherine Kinsella (Rosaline); Andrew Vincent (Don Armado).

This was a touring production.

"Where are we? To judge by the suits and gowns that King Ferdinand and his three attendants stick on at the start of this show...we are in 1920s England....Though Matt Connor is a lively Berowne, 'the merry madcap lord', he clings so tightly to his rhymes that it can be hard not to imagine the verse as it's laid out on the page. And though Jos Vantyler and Kelsey Brookfield speak well as his friends Longaville and Dumaine, when they're not speaking they look as if they're not sure where they're supposed to be pretending to be."  ~ Dominic Maxwell, "A little laboured, but this love finds its feet", The Times, 1 February 2012

"The King of Navarre and his chums, who here inhabit a 1920s world of Oxford bags and bum-freezing gowns, vow to study, fast and stay celibate for three years, only to break their oath the second the Princess of France and her courtiers arrive. There is a Bullingdon club brutality about these student toffs, especially in their treatment of the village pageant."  ~ Michael Billington, "Shakespeare's student toffs indulge in a little Bullingdon club brutality", The Guardian, 1 February 2012

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