Love's Labour's Lost (1989): The Quick Vic, Duke's Head Theatre, London

PrLove's Labour's Lost (

Location: Duke's Head Theatre, London
Live Performance

According to the entry in London Theatre Record, this production ran from 17 October - 12 November 1989.


"The problem with the Quick Vic production of Shakespeare's comedy seems to be one of casting for although Jonathan Coote is convincingly young and naive as the King, Pamm Flores's silly Princess is easily eclipsed by Jaye Griffiths's poised and intelligent Rosalinde [sic]....There are some truly bizarre costume designs for the French ladies, tight bodices and short silky culottes [sic] under mini crinolines. Pat Miller's production is a bit like the casting - uneven and often illogical."

~ Helen Rose, Time Out, 25 October 1989, in London Theatre Record, 8 - 21 October 1989, Issue 21

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