Love's Labour's Lost (1981): Northcott Theatre, Exeter

PrLove's Labour's Lost (

Live Performance

PRINCIPAL CAST: Katie Flower (Rosaline); Alison Frazer (Princess of France); Matthew Greene (King of Navarre); Richard Mayes (Don Armado); Christopher Reich (Berowne).

The first performance of this production took place on 17 September 1981. The production was set in Summer 1914.

"Judiciously pruned and set in 1914 where the leading male characters as aristocratic university students cavort around an elaborate gazebo, the atmosphere is of an airy pastoral masque, fluttering with affectation, mocking at pedantry and even love, in pretentious and pseudo-erudite 16th century language - making it humourous rather than funny....A very fine character study was given by Thomas Baptiste as the major domo Boyet..." ~ Harvey Crane, "Exeter: Love's Labour's Lost", The Stage and Television Today, 1 October 1981

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