King Lear (1986): Nottingham Playhouse

PrKing Lear (

Live Performance

PRINCIPAL CAST: Romy Baskerville (Goneril); John Branwell (Edmund); Russell Dixon (Lear); Sally Edridge (Cordelia); Cliff Howells (Edgar); Eileen Pollock (Regan); Martyn Read (Gloucester); Paul Slack (Fool); Christopher Wilkinson (Kent).

The first performance of this production took place on 3 April 1986.

"It is a short-fused world Lear lives in, where gaolers are preferred for killing those in their custody, and brothers bring in foreign powers to settle family feuds. But Andrew Hay's production at Nottingham Playhouse didn't sustain this sense of glorified brigandry. It didn't seem too sure of when or where or what it was about. Ruari Murchison's setting of marbled magnificence gave way, by a tunnel of twisted perspective, to the secnes of storm and madness. The costumes - ball gowns for the ladies and rather natty leather jackets for the gents - gave no specific clues. We're in a dream world, but it's a director's dream that presumably means more to the company than it conveyed to me." ~ Robin Thornber, Guardian, 7 April 1986

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