King Lear (1968): Royal Shakespeare Company, Royal Shakespeare Theatre

PrKing Lear (

Live Performance

PRINCIPAL CAST: Alan Howard (Edgar); Eric Porter (King Lear); Norman Rodway (Edmund); Sebastian Shaw (Gloucester); David Waller (Kent); Michael Williams (Fool).

Press night for this production took place on 10 April 1968.

"Mr. Nunn has decided that so mighty a metaphor of human ingratitude needs no decoration. The play is played on an empty stage, bare of any adornment except light and props."  ~ Herbert Kretzmer, "Courage pays off in Nunn's great Lear", Daily Express, 11 April 1968

"There are a number of excellently understated supporting performances, such as Ben Kingsley's Oswald and John Shrapnel as Lear's gentleman."  ~ Irving Wardle, "Lear of solid merit but less than sublime", The Times, 11 April 1968

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