King Lear (1939): BBC

PrKing Lear (

Television and Radio Drama

PRINCIPAL CAST: Marius Goring (Fool); Joan Henley (Regan); Carleton Hobbs (Gloucester); Edana Romney (Cordelia); Abraham Sofaer (King Lear); Marda Vanne (Goneril)


This radio production was a selection of scenes created for radio which included a Narrator to provide segues between the vignettes. It was broadcast on 14 May 1939 on BBC Regional Programme. (British Universities Film and Video Council:


Peter Creswell would direct Abraham Sofaer as King Lear in a main stage production for the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre in 1943. Baliol Holloway also reprised his radio performance of Kent for Creswell at Stratford in the same 1943 production.

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