King John (2012): The Steam Industry, Union Theatre, London

PrKing John (

Location: Union Theatre, London
Live Performance

CAST INCLUDED: James Corscadden (Dauphin); Michael J. Hayes (Cardinal Pandulph); John Last (Hubert); Samantha Lawson (Constance); Rikki Lawton (Bastard); Nicholas Osmond (King John); Damian Quinn (King Philip of France).

This production ran from 19 January - 11 February 2012, according to Theatre Record.

"There's striking work from Samantha Lawson as Constance, vocal mother of the boy who should have been king, but one of the many attributes of Phil Willmott's assured production is strong ensemble playing from a large cast....A fine closing image of a courtier having to wrestle the crown from the clenched fingers of the late John, ridiculous even in death, speaks volumes about the degraded state of the monarchy."  ~ Fiona Mountford, Evening Standard, 23 January 2012, in Theatre Record 2012, Issue 1-2

"In the post-pageantry era the play's star has plummeted. But this lean, blackly hilarious take from Phil Willmott genuinely breathes fresh life into it. Spectacle is scarce in a fringe production that doesn't even have a set. But Willmott has embraced the text's flaws to turn King John into a Dr Strangelove-esque satire on the idiocy of warmongers."  ~ Andrzej Lukowski, Time Out London, 26 January 2012, in Theatre Record 2012, Issue 1-2

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