Julius Caesar (2014): Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, The Globe Theatre, Bankside

PrJulius Caesar (

Location: The Globe Theatre, Bankside
Live Performance

PRINCIPAL CAST: Anthony Howell (Cassius); George Irving (Julius Caesar); Tom McKay (Brutus); Katy Stephens (Calphurnia); Luke Thompson (Mark Antony).

This production ran from 20 June - 11 October 2014.

"Before you enter the theatre, you find yourself accosted by wild, chanting ruffians: not, as it happens, local drunks but roaming Roman celebrants of the feast of the Lupercalia which turns out to be one of the highlights of Dominic Dromgoole's robustly energetic production. We even get to see Luke Thompson's Mark Antony 'run his course' by doing a circuit of the courtyard, before touching Calpurnia to shake off her 'sterile curse'....Much of the colour comes from the supporting roles. For once, the marginalised women make a strong impression. Catherine Bailey is full of simmering anger as the self-mutilating Portia and Katy Stephens switches instantly from an anxious Calphurnia to a mutinous First Citizen: her implacable delivery of 'we'll burn the house of Brutus' resonates as strongly as anything thin the evening."  ~ Michael Billington, The Guardian, 4 July 2014, in Theatre Record 2014, Issue 14

"Dromgoole's stating is dressed in Elizabethan costumes, with added togas for the Capitol, but the effect, ironically, is to emphasise the play's timeless insights."  ~ Sarah Hemming, Financial Times, 4 July 2014, in Theatre Record 2014, Issue 14

"Recent revivals have relocated the tragedy in a modern African state and as a play-within-a-play performed in a women's prison. Dromgoole's production goes back to the original modern-dress practice whereby the Romans appear in contemporary Elizabethan garb."  ~ Paul Taylor, Independent, 14 July 2014, in Theatre Record 2014, Issue 14


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