Henry V (2010): Southwark Playhouse, London

PrHenry V (

Live Performance

CAST INCLUDED: Tunji Falana (King of France); Tom Greaves (Henry V); Anna McSweeney (Chorus); Simon Tierney (Exeter, Dauphin).

"This isn't so much Shakespeare's Henry V as a package of edited highlights, a cheeky remix in which the invigorating story of Agincourt is reconceived as a life-size board game....Director Emily Lim's interpretation is artful, imaging the drama of the battlefield as a punctiliously choreographed dance. The actors, whose commitment is clear although in several cases their diction is not, wear shorts, plimsolls, knee socks and tabards blazoned with the names of their characters....Yet when the kinetic gestures stop, the decision to abridge the text so radically begins to seem problematic. Characterization has been stripped back, and the story telling is fitful and skimpy, with the result that this politically charged history play becomes something more like It's a Knockout."~ Henry Hitchings, Evening Standard, 1 March 2010

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