Henry V (1943): Shakespeare Memorial Theatre

PrHenry V (

Live Performance

PRINCIPAL CAST: Baliol Holloway (Henry V).


"...I have never seen it better staged and acted that I can remember. There is speed without haste, pageantry without unmeaning elaboration, and, in the acting, an attractive and pervading sense of eagerness....Geoffrey Wincott was another who helped this brisk production along. And in contrast with all this speed, Abraham Sofaer's clarion-voiced braggadocio gave us a Pistol of the true preposterous proportions."

~ W. A. Darlington, "A Memorable Henry V", Daily Telegraph, 26 April 1943


"Abraham Sofaer is excellent as Pistol, drifting through the war in full oratorical spate, bobbing artfully to opposition and refusing to be submerged."

~ "Birthday Play At Stratford", Birmingham Post, circa 24 April 1943


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