Hamlet (2018): Octagon Theatre, Bolton

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Live Performance

PRINCIPAL CAST: Jessica Baglow (Ophelia); Margot Leicester (Gertrude); Michael Peavoy (Laertes); Eric Potts (Polonius); Brian Protheroe (Claudius); David Ricardo-Pearce (Hamlet); Marc Small (Horatio).

This production ran from 15 Feburary - 10 March 2018 at the Octagon Theatre, Bolton.

"The Octagon brings Shakespeare's best known tragic hero back to the stage under an imposing marble set with an energetic cast....Marc Small plays a steadfast, doting Horatio."  ~ Mary Naylor, "Review: Hamlet's tragic journey shines at the Octagon", The Bolton News, 20 February 2018

"But in The Octagon's latest production the setting is moved - still in Denmark - but a country which seems more to be in the grip of a 1950s Stalin era regime. Director David Thacker transports the action to this grim world with guards carrying AK47s and our increasingly mad hero waving around a semi automatic pistol rather than a dagger. And it really works. That plus a cast who all gained the audience's respect for their craft...The rest of a strong cast includes Claire Hackett, John Branwell, Michael Peavoy, Eric Potts, Kiruna Stamell, Mitesh Soni, Anna Tierney and, making her Octagon debut, Leah Walker.*"  ~ Steve Howarth, "Review: Hamlet at Bolton Octagon", Manchester Evening News, 20 February 2018

*Leah Walker, in fact, made her Octagon debut in the production that preceded Hamlet in the season: Jane Eyre.

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