Hamlet (2000): Red Shift, Bloomsbury Theatre, London

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Location: Bloomsbury Theatre, London
Live Performance

CAST INCLUDED: Peter Collins (Hamlet); Sally Mortemore (Gertrude); Rebecca Nicholson (Ophelia); Tim Weekes (Polonius).

This was a touring production with no dates known, other than that it ran from 18 - 29 January 2000, according to Theatre RecordIt was billed as Hamlet: First Cut as Red Shift was using the 'Bad Quarto' text; it is in the database as Hamlet because the differentiation between quartos is not relevant to this research project. Casting information taken from the reviews; it is incomplete.

"Disappointingly, Jonathan Holloway's modern-dress production (designer shades and army greatcoats) is often delivered with more haste than feeling. Neil Iris's versatile set of steel obelisks and jagged metal sheeting helps to create a coherent setting of industrial decay, but Holloway often fragments the mood with an eclectic soundtrack, from lounge Muzak for the court scenes to ambient New Age and a plaintive cello and guitar....The production ends with the dead staring out at the audience as if they've witnessed some earth-shattering event. It's a shame we don't feel the same."  ~ Ian Michaels, The Times, 20 January 2000


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