Hamlet (1993): Natural Edge Theatre Company, Theatre Museum, London

PrHamlet (

Location: Theatre Museum, London
Live Performance

PRINCIPAL CAST: Alexi Kaye Campbell (Claudius); Jemma Churchill (Gertrude); Sean McLevy (Horatio); Elizabeth Morton (Ophelia); Valentine Pelka (Hamlet); Stephen Tredre (Laertes); Brian Withstandley (Polonius).

The advertising leaflet states the production ran from 8 - 12 December 1992, then after an hiatus resumed performances "from Tuesday January 12th".

"Unemcumbered by decor and props, Miriam Segal's production is furnished and illuminated by austerely beautiful black and white slides: cloud-covered moon, snow-laden branches and bleak Danish landscapes. The effect is boldly atmospheric, the images suggesting both the political climate in Elsinore and the emotional state of the protagonists, but some of that still coldness creeps into the style of playing."  ~ Clare Bayley, Time Out, 14 Jnauary 1993

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