Hamlet (1990): Harrogate Theatre, Yorkshire

PrHamlet (

Live Performance

CAST INCLUDED: Fleur Chandler (Gertrude); James Dreyfus (Laertes); Robert French (Polonius); Alexandra Gilbreath (Ophelia); Francis Johnson (Horatio); Knight Mantell (Claudius); Crispin Redman (Hamlet).

This production ran from 25 October - 10 November 1990. All production information taken from World Shakespeare Bibliography; it is unverified and may be incomplete.

"Andrew Manley has confidently staged a very modern production of Hamlet at the Harrogate Theatre which works supremely well....This result has been achieved by shortening the length of the play from the original six hours to a more manageable three and a half hours, and using present day costumes and settings; indeed the latter with its use of many active television screens spread around the stage certainly gives the effect that everybody and everything is under constant surveillance in a completely totalitarian state. To add to this the director has secured some superb performances from every member of the cast."  ~ J. R. L. Reyner, The Stage, 13 December 1990

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