Comedy of Errors (2009): Royal Shakespeare Company, Told By An Idiot, Young People's Shakespeare (touring)

PrComedy of Errors (

Location: Young People's Shakespeare (touring)
Live Performance

This pared-down version of the play was staged at the Courtyard Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon and toured mainly to schools from May 2009.

"This 80-minute Comedy of Errors brings together director Paul Hunter of Told By An Idiot with some of the actors from the RSC ensemble currently performing As You Like It in Stratford. They appear to be having a riot of a time....It's not easy to turn a school hall into Ephesus, but a string of fairy lights do the trick, and the actors who become a raggle-taggle band to play Iain Johnstone's atmospheric score enter into the make-and-do spirit of the enterprise. The show is at its best when it is most directly engaged with its audience, and the RSC could learn a great deal from Told By An Idiot's engagement and easy charm."  ~ Lyn Gardner, The Guardian, 20 May 2009, in Theatre Record 2009, Issue 10

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