Comedy of Errors (1994): The Nottingham Playhouse

PrComedy of Errors (

Live Performance

PRINCIPAL CAST: Robert Bathurst (Antipholus of Ephesus); Janet Dibley (Luciana); John Lloyd Fillingham (Dromio of Syracuse); Simon Poland (Antipholus of Syracuse); Paul Slack (Dromio of Ephesus); Paula Wilcox (Adriana).


This production ran from 1 September - 1 October 1994.


"The multiple misjudgments of this production are less amusing. Paul Clayton is usurping the role of director. His extras interrupt the tragic tack of the old father's opening life story with comic 'ooh-ers'. The cast proceed to sail blithely past what profundity there is in Shakespeare's early play...The turn-of-the-century costuming, by designer Kevin Knight, makes no particular sense, even if the check suits hint that the gents are vaudevillians. Everyone is apparently staying at the Hotel Splendide (suitably guilded). Antipholus of Ephesus and spouse have the Phoenix Suite (instead of a shop), spoiling the sense of domesticity unexpectedly upheaved. The elegant vestibule where the street encounters now happen is something akin to a Greek temple with window panes, with terracotta tiles like an atrium through which Plautus - Shakespeare's source - might have passed....There is a huge clock, as there was in Komisjarjevsky's celebrated Stratford staging in 1938, but when a production is dragging its feet, it's probably unwise to draw such attention to the hours ticking away."

~ Kate Bassett, "Double acts halve the fun", Times, 8 September 1994

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