The Caribbean Tempest (1999): Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh

PrThe Caribbean Tempest (

Live Performance

PRINCIPAL CAST: David Calder (Prospero, Australia); Roger Lloyd Pack (Prospero, Edinburgh); Danii Minogue (Miranda - Edinburgh); Kylie Minogue (Miranda - Barbados); Ade Sapara (Caliban)

The production originated at the Holders Season, an annual arts festival in Barbados, then played at the Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and at the Botanic Gardens in Sydney, Australia. Kit Hesketh-Harvey was the lyricsit and librettist on the production.

"The Caribbean Tempest was originally thought up for the Holders Festival by Peter O'Toole, but after he'd ducked out, Kit Hesketh Harvey, who'd reviewed Gough's African Julius Caesar last year, suggested bringing in Gough." (

"The ‘Caribbean’ Tempest was first staged for the Holders Season Barbados in March 1999 starring Kylie Minogue as ‘Miranda’, before travelling to Edinburgh and Sydney." (

"A busy roundabout in Bridgetown, Barbados, is the site of a powerful statue commemorating freedom from slavery on the island. It depicts a black man with his hands raised aloft in triumph, the newly broken chains still dangling from the manacles on his wrists. This potent image has been drafted on to the end of a colourful new production of The Tempest as Caliban, played by the black actor Ade Sapara, gives the same signal of victory that recalls his opening words to Prospero: 'This island’s mine…. that thou takest from me.'" (

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