All's Well That Ends Well (2009): National Theatre, Olivier Theatre

PrAll's Well That Ends Well (

Location: Olivier Theatre
Live Performance

PRINCIPAL CAST: Oliver Ford Davies (King of France); Clare Higgins (Countess of Rossillion); Conleth Hill (Parolles); George Rainsford (Bertram); Michelle Terry (Helena).

This production ran from 19 May - 1 October 2009.

"[Marianne] Elliott's poetic rendering makes the thinness of Shakespeare's plot seem irrelevant. Instead the play becomes a coruscating hybrid of fairy tale and morally ambiguous mystery. Central to this are Rae Smith's ravishing set - which combines the angular Gothic of Tim Burton with (in the second half) some alluringly spangled topiary - and the witty projections designed by Gemma Carrington and Jon Driscoll. The performances are uniformly excellent."  ~ Henry Hitchings, Evening Standard, 29 May 2009, in Theatre Record 2009, Issue 11

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